Lake Blanche, SA (100%)

Exploration at EL5391 Lake Blanche will target sediment hosted lithium and uranium.


Lake Blanche is fed by a catchment that sheds off the Mount Babbage Inlier, a suite of rocks with unusually high levels of uranium and lithium.  Mineralisation occurs where ground waters percolate through lithium-bearing source rocks and deposit in a closed basin.  The region was highlighted in a prospectivity analysis conducted by Geoscience Australia: A Review of Australian Salt Lakes and Assessment of their Potential for Strategic Resources (Record 2013/39).  In recent times the Lake Blanche area has attracted the attention of lithium explorers such as Argonaut Resources NL (ASX:ARE)[1] and Core Exploration Ltd (ASX:CXO)[2]


Regionally, Lake Blanche lies at the northern end of the Frome Uranium Province, an area identified by Geoscience Australia and other explorers as prospective for sandstone-hosted uranium in Cenozoic sediments.  Drilling in the adjacent tenement to the south of Lake Blanche indicates the redox boundary (an important mineralisation control) is further north along a palaeochannel, potentially within the Lake Blanche tenement.


Figure 1: EL5391 Lake Blanche location map showing interpreted palaeochannels in green arrows



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