OTHER Projects



Eden Garry (100%)

Nickel, CobaltThe Eden Garry Serpentine Ridge Project (EPM 27035) is located in the Marlborough region of northern Queensland, which hosts a number of other nickel-cobalt lateritic deposits including the major Marlborough Nickel Pty Ltd deposit.


Pure Minerals intends to conduct exploration at Eden Garry as part of its strategy to supplement the base load feed for TECH from New Caledonia with additional ore from domestic sources.

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Western Australia


Battery Hub (100%)

Manganese, Cobalt Potential district-scale manganese project covering more than 50km in strike length.


Morrissey Hill (100%)

Lithium, Tantalum Lithium and tantalum pegmatite located next to Reid Well lithium-tantalum discovery (surface values up to 3.77% Li2O).


Mt. Boggola (80%)



Bordah Well (80%)

Gold copper, Uranium/Rare earth elements


South Australia


Lake Blanche (100%)

Lithium, Uranium Exploration licence prospective for sediment-host lithium and uranium.